B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting leads (your potential customers) into a contact management or marketing software system with the hope of nurturing them throughout the buying process to help convince them about your offerings and then convert them into a paying customer.leadgeneration

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How to attract visitors to attend B2B Trade Show

B2B organisations are all set up for the “trade show month” to exhibit and showcase their products and services offered by them, meet the industry partners, scan the recent market trends and industry opportunities. B2B trade show are a major component of an organisation’s marketing budget. Trade shows remains a great way to be seen by the potential customer that are present in your target market.

However with such a lot of cubicles to visit, how do you make sure these potential leads make it for your booth or demonstration? Here is cold-calling comes into picture..

Pre-Event Cold Calling & Lead Generation:

At YRSK Marketing, we focus on improving your trade show lead generation by connecting to the right target market, right segment and inviting them to visit your trade show event. With our dedicated and expert calling team, we tend to reach the customers and brief them about the event/ trade show/ conference and present them with an invitation to visit the trade show.

Post Event Service:

We believe that your job is not done after the last guest exits the event. In fact, it is just started. You have to plan and accordingly start nurturing your potential clients so that you get a desirable ROI.

We also offer post event services to your customers so that you can understand attendees satisfaction level, improvement areas etc.

Benefits of Trade show lead generation:

>> The prospect get awareness about the event when he gets a call. Sometimes customer finds it familiar to give the details through call.

>> The calling process generates interest in the customer’s mind. This is also added by the email campaign. Here they get to know about the trade show, its benefits and other valuable information.

>> The customer remembers the Trade show name, when we give a reminder call. This helps in “Brand Positioning”.

To conclude, trade show lead generation helps the companies to get right prospects at the event. Visit our website YRSK Marketing to find out more about B2B lead generation.

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What is the Future of Lead Generation ?

Time never stops for anyone. Time flies and whole thing around us changes. With time immemorial, lead generation is facing numerous transformation & upgrading itself to prepare sales people to close the deals. Today lead generation has progressed from word-of-mouth marketing to the new internet age.

If lead generation is carried only through traditional methods it can be costly, but combining various offline & online methods will give more conversions in effective costs. Other than these are artificial intelligence, machine learning, modern technology tools, online presence.

To form the future of lead generation, one should accept lead generation as an objective as well as an unbeatable sales strategy.  A successful lead generation is achieved when we are connected with the key decision makers of industry (eg. Manufacturing), keep a follow up with them & set an appointment with them.

What are the factors that may change future of lead generation ?

 Artificial Intelligence in Lead Generation :


Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning is sure to grow with every passing day becoming the biggest revolution in lead generation. AI tracks all the potential leads for your enterprise. It gets integrated along with your device and is also used by many new tools that efficiently allows and bring ahead the quality prospects available at on the net. According to Demandbase – 80% of Companies believe that AI will change the marketing industry in the near future.

Nurturing the Leads :


It is the fact that almost everyday, number of visits are tracked on the websites but hardly any of them converts into lead/customer. And this is the very reason lead nurturing is critical. Lead nurturing is identifying good & interested prospects for your business, following up with them in the form of giving offers, giving them additional information, follow up , etc. This is done to convert that lead to customer.

Chatbots :

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Research says 80 to 85% visitors seek for immediate solution when they hover on a website. Whether it is related to services or making a purchase or any other solutions. 59% of Americans are willing to receive coupons or special offers through a chatbot. Chatbots are perfect when it comes to retaining a customer as it never forgets to trigger a message and they respond instantly to the messages. Chatbots help to make customer database to keep a follow up with them in future.


Lead generation as a sales technique is under constant change with each passing day. AI and various marketing tools are one of the factors that helps in getting closer towards a fabulous future. Using any of this technique nowadays and imposing these neatly can help in growth of revenue of your organization in a manner you may never have imagined before.

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Outsourced vs In House Lead Generation – Which one is better ?

Lead generation is infact a important characteristic of any business. Lead generation allows your organization get more number of clients and which inturn helps in generating more revenue. Getting leads in pocket is a ongoing & never-ending process. For your sales team to get quality leads and that too in high number can be of much pressure. Lead generation could be very critical mainly because it permits your commercial enterprise and your companies’ website to create considerable visitors and this ends in extra sales and better conversion charges.

The recent study shows that 8 out of 10 organizations consider high quality leads as their top priority. To this, adding the fact that an outsourced lead generation company gives 45% superior results than a in-house lead generation, there is no doubt that you should start considering outsourced lead generation services.

But before choosing any one of them lets dive into some facts and numbers :

In house Lead Generation :

Sometimes a in house lead generation is often a non-standard process, it is only performed ocassionally and there is a lack of clear definition. The things that go wrong here are :

1. Absence of Follow up : This is because there is no clearly defined lead nurture plan and often the prospects are not closed into sales. Nobody is responsible for what the results are, lack of proper information, sales people are pressurised with targets, etc.

2. Improper Targeting : The work of in-house lead generation is often handed to new ones or who are least experienced in the process. Most of the time the contact person will not be a decision maker or act/show interest in the call. This will lead to a huge waste of time & cost.

3. Lack of Feedback : As said earlier different departments look after small parts of lead generation as there is no specified lead generation team in the organization. This leads to communication gap between departments and hamper the other work.

Outsourced Lead Generation :

Unlike in house lead generation department, an outsourced lead generation is effective and efficient. It is like joining hands with the expertise and professionals who have hand on experience in the lead generation domain. Outsourcing to a lead generation company is far better because :

1. Quality Leads : Hiring a lead generation firm will help your organization to get qualified number of leads with a highly professional tools. This is because lead generation will be a core domain for them. Your sales people will only meet the person who is very genuine and is interested in purcahsing your products/ services.

2. Multi Channel Upload : A good business uses multiple marketing channels whether it be collecting new and updated database or specialising in offline & online marketing as well. This helps in reducing a risk of only one marketing channel.

3. Feedback : Unlike in-house lead generation, there is a proper, well-planned lead nurturing process. The follow up will be done on timely basis to keep a track on the lead process.

Simply put, outsourced lead generation is very effective & efficient than a in house process. It provides new opportunities and help the organization to stay up to the mark in the market. Outsourcing lead generation reduces cost, have high ROI and better business opportunities.

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B2B Lead Generation for IT & Software Industries

The b2b lead generation requirements in the IT & software industry have become very demanding as these industries are growing broadly worldwide.  Also, the competition in the market is very high & it has become difficult to get qualified leads who trust your business. So there are ample of choices left for your potential clients to look for other organizations and have a tie up them.

There are some proven lead generation strategies that can help achieve your IT & software sales goals :

  1. Search Engine Optimization : Search Engine Optimization is all the techniques & tactics that are used to increase the visitors traffic to your website by obtaining high ranking place in SERPs like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The higher the page ranks organically in the SERP, the higher is the visitor traffic. SEO includes various technical aspects that are optimizing meta tags (meta title, meta description, meta keywords, anchor text, etc.), image optimization, resolving canonical tags and also increasing the usability of the website.
  2. Social Media Marketing : Social media advertising and marketing (SMM) is a shape of Internet advertising and marketing that utilizes social networking web sites as an advertising device. Unlike SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimization) is also a crucial part to bring traffic. The two ways of Social Media Optimization are : (1) Including the RSS feed & adding the social sharing buttons in the website/blog (2) Promoting the content in the form of visuals, info-graphics, writable which are then shared by the other followers.
  3. Blogs & Guest Blogs : Blogging helps to rank your website and get quality back links. Writing blogs by adding suitable &  target keywords is an incredible way to assist your internet site rank in SERPs for the target keywords. Guest blogging is used by blog authors to increase traffic to their own website/ blog. Guest bloggers offer to provide content to similar blogs and get backlinks for the same.
  4. Email Marketing : Email Marketing is a powerful digital marketing approach that helps to trigger & send emails to customers, clients & prospects. An effective email marketing campaign helps in converting prospects into one-time buyers. Sending helpful, informative emails to a certified email list will drive them to your website.
  5.  Referral Traffic : It is the traffic that are redirected through links that might have been shared on other web portals rather than coming directly or from search query. Referral traffic is important factor in inbound marketing as it provides quality & trusted traffic to your website that inturn helps these visitors to convert into leads.
  6. The Chatbox : Chatbox has various benefits when it comes to lead generation :
    a. It is cost effective
    b. Shows real time data
    c. Stand out amongst your business competitors
    d. Provide solution at instant
    e. Increased & improved customer relationship
    f. Increased sales volume
    g. Better conversion ratio

Other than this strategies :

Telemarketing  or Tele lead generation works best with the above inbound methods. Telecalling, as discussed earlier has a human touch while marketing your product through telephones wherein, you can discuss about the product with your customers. Also, you can build relationship with your prospects. With telemarketing, you can understand their needs, seek grievances, accept feedback and solve their queries immediately.

A smart cold calling is a very useful lead generation tool.  If used correctly, cold calling can be exceptionally helpful to organizations. It not only allows to evaluate the necessities, prerequisites and interests of the customers, but also enables organizations to clear up any questions customers may have about their services.

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10 Effective Lead Generation Tips For Small Medium Enterprises

Lead Generation is very crucial for any business to sustain in today’s market. To grow your organization faster – new clients is what you need. A lead generation strategy will very much depend on the size and structure of your business, as well as your sector and price range – there is no established or one length approach.

Lets look into the lead generation tips for small medium enterprises  :

  • Keep an insight on your buyer image : It’s crucial to keep an eye into who your typical customer is and what they need. Often visit your buyers persona to make sure your message stays fresh and relevant to your target market.
  • Content relevancy as per the target audience : Your content must add value and should be relevant for the reader. Targeted content is always the best one. Try for specific content for specific target segment.

  • Quality is always better than Quantity : You can have hundreds of blog posts however if none of them is worth reading or engaging, they’re irrelevant. One valuable piece is worth 10 inappropriate ones, so hold your recognition on surprisingly relevant content that engages your target market—it’s possibly the most vital lead generation technique.

  • Awesome content is always shared : Quality content is always engaging & chances of sharing it is high. Always look for the content that stands out of the box. This will help to extend content reach & acquire more leads.
  • Give more focus on Engaging leads : The most important lead generation strategy is engaging leads. The leads that don’t engage with your content or other marketing techniques is waste. Try to convert unengaged lead to engaged one, rest is all then taken care. 
  • Keep an eye on your email marketing strategy : Email marketing is almost used by any b2b marketer and it is the useful lead generation technique. Don’t shoot multiple emails on every single day to your client/customer as it would ultimately land into spam or un subscription.
  • A/B Testing is a must : A/B testing is evaluating versions of a website’s web page to look which one plays higher. Always A/B test your content , the landing pages frequently while uploading.
  • Focus on Long Tail keywords : A long-tail keyword has a chance of ranking in SERPs and has a amount of organic traffic towards your website. It also helps your to be spotted by your target audience.
  • Avoid Keyword spamming : Keyword relevancy is more important than keyword density. Gone are the days of keyword spamming.

  • A quality SMM : Increase your followers on social media platform by regularly posting, sharing valuable content on the sites. Place various social media buttons on your website, blog post that will help the engagement of audiences on the platform.

  • Engage with industry influencers on Social media : Identify & interact with industry influencers on social media platform.

  • Go for Pay Per Click : Pay per click advertising helps in getting your website rank in the SERPs & spotted by the end customer while addressing the search query.
  • Have noticeable CTAs (Call To Action) : It is important that your customer base finds the call to action buttons. It should be noticeable instead of hiding them below any email signature or the landing pages.

  • Avoid multiple CTAs : Avoid multiple CTAs on a single page. This will only lead to increased bounce rate session.

Pointers to remember : 

1. Everything is about“Quality” : You should keep in mind that whatever content you produce must be relevant – everything is about quality and not quantity.

2. Social media marketing for lead generation : Social media is now increasingly becoming a crucial part for lead generation. Getting a quality lead is highly dependent upon the social media content.

3. Word of Mouth Marketing :This remains one of the methods for generating leads. Your existing or former clientele base can help in sharing your relationship with their business through word of mouth & speedily with the online platforms.